Starting January 1st 2010 my daily photo blog “Dailypayne.com” officially launched. The site mainly consists of a photo that I take each day. But not just any photo… Not too many snapshots here. I tend to spend a couple hours each day coming up with a quality image, or at least something better than a snapshot.

Thanks to the following sites for the recognition!:

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Legal Career Web

With the official launch of legalcareerweb.com only about a month ago it has already gotten a google page rank of 4 and has been displayed by the following website galleries.

Here’s a quote below from the guys at Unmatched Style

“There’s some really great looking things going on with this home page. I love the overlapping icons and the way the design really frames in the central area. …Overall it’s a really great looking business/corporate style design.”

Thanks again to everyone

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Website Upgrading & Updating

Welcome to the New and improved Creativepayne (version 6.1)
On my freetime I’ve been rebuilding my site and I’m happy to say that I’m finally happy enough with it to show it to you.

It has been a great experience building it in Squarespace version 5. Even though my new site is totally custom I feel that I could hand it over to someone that has no web experience and they could update 80 percent of the content without needing any help.

80 percent seems really good considering It was built for coders like myself to update.

If you have any comments about my newly designed site I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here

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Print Design

Every bit of communication leaving your company has the opportunity to impress, stand out, win respect and gain new customers.

What do you need?
Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures, publications, cards & banners flyers, postcards, labels, booklets and catalogs, Full color, full bleeds. . .

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Logos Identity and Branding

Logo design: is considered the heart of branding. Your logo needs to tell a story about what your company does, is and stands for. A logo might seem like a small addition to your company but it can have huge effects on growth and prosperity.

Today a logo has to have immediate recognition and a superior essence in order to stand out amongst the sea of logos and advertisement.

Logos also help to build brand loyalty and trust with your customers. Let people know who you are and what your company stands for with a quality logo and reap the benefits.

The bottom line… A high quality logo is a good reflection of a high quality business.

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