Website Design

People view websites at 100 miles per hour. The trick is getting them to slow down and enjoy the view when they get to your site. Simplicity, User-friendliness and a sweet looking site is the key. I pride myself on accomplishing this for my clients.

Web Development: Though you may never care to see the coding under the hood, it is the heart of your website. Rest assured that my coding is not only valid Xhtml, CSS and javascript it is also built with the latest and greatest web standards.

Search Engine Optimization:With vast experience and training in search engine optimization we can help people find your site.

Content Management Systems:
“Wait a sec… What the heck is a Content Management System?” In Short Content Management Systems enable YOU to easily maintain your website once it is built. In the end you save money and time. We prefer Squarespace, WordPress and Goodbarry, which are among the top-rated Content management systems today. But comparing them is like comparing Superman, Batman and Popeye. They all kick butt but have their own special talents. Don’t worry, I will help you decide which is best for you.

Web Hosting:

Sites come as a package deal with the content management system. Special needs? already have hosting? let me know and we can accommodate.

Content Updates and web training:
Everyone likes to save a bit of money, So I offer training for your site. Even the least web savvy of us can update the majority of their site without needing to know any code. Don’t ever want to deal with it? No problem, I am happy to do this for you.

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