WordPress: Admin Training

Part of what clients love when they hire me is training and setup on their site So that they can end up developing their site even further without any help from me and with no knowledge of any web coding.

Below are simple directions on how to use (the back-end of) your WordPress site.

DASHBOARD: Your homepage on the back end of your website. This gives you a brief overview of your site.

“Right Now”
tells you how many posts, pages, categories and tags your site currently has.

Lets you add a new blog to your site with out leaving the Dashboard.

“Recent Comments”
Are the most recent comments left on your site.


You can change you desktop around easily by simply putting your cursor over top of one of the sections then click and drag to a different spot.

In the top left you will find “Screen Options” where you can turn sections on or off to your liking.

Here you have the choice of seeing the full navigation, or the streamlined version. I find that the streamlined version is quicker, easier and takes up far less space. you can switch between the two by clicking on the graphic directly under the home (dashboard button.)

Wysi-what?! Wysiwyg (short for what your see is what you get) lets the normal joe update his site content without requiring any knowledge of code. It looks and works very similarly to a word processor. Click on bold and you get bold. It is a very simple to that makes updating content simple.


Here’s a list of all of your posts. From here you can see the name of the post, who the author is, what category the post is placed under, tags and the date it was posted. The pages overview is very similar.


When you click on a post or page you are taken to the editing section. Where you can edit that individual post. here you can edit the title, change the content in the content section, use excerpts just to name a few send trackbacks.

Categories when in a post is another good tool that lets you choose what category the current post will show up in. Just put a check in the box next to the appropriate category and your done.

Ready to re-save the post?

When you are done editing you can go to the top left of the page and “Update Post” this saves over the original and is live for the world to see.

Where you can update your contact information, change your username and password etc.

These are really the most important features that you will probably need. The best thing that you can do is get in there and play around, create posts and edit content.

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